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Invasive North American RINO species making a comeback!

North American RINO's had been on the endangered species list ever since 2016 when Donald Trump slaughtered many herds that had roamed the swamps. In 2017 all that remained were two bulls in Arizona and one more bull in Utah, plus a cow in Alaska and a cow in Massachusetts. Since then, one of the Arizona RINO's died, and the tracking collar fell off the other Arizona RINO. The Utah RINO had always been observed to be healthy and actively trying to form a new herd.

Due to media conservation goups, RINO's are now making a comeback. Just this week, RINO bulls were spotted in South Carolina and Kentucky, and one RINO cow was seen in Wyoming. Despite inbreeding, these newly spotted RINO's are loud and boisterous.

The North American RINO (Republicus Disgustis) is an invasive species that tramples on free speech, feeds on civil liberties and sleeps on intrusions by other invasive species. Accordingly, President Trump has ordered the US Fish & Wildlife Services to once again give out permits to game hunters to help thin the herd.



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