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William Barr adds to his CNN audition tape by bashing Trump

Attorney General William Barr (RINO) did a brilliant job of pretending to be on Trump's side for nearly 2 years. But now, with the Trump presidency ending in less than 2 weeks, Barr's work is done. Now he's working very hard to fluff up his CNN audition tape by conflating Trump encouraging people to come out for a rally, with Trump supporting some protesters venturing into a Federal building. By using this transitive law fallacy, Barr called Trump's "conduct" a "betrayal of the presidency". If A suports B and B later does C, the A must support C. Yeah it's a fallacy, but who cares! The media is quickly warming up to William Barr.

In fact we're told that CNN president Jeff Zucker absolutely loved Barr's performance. Zucker is also overjoyed by the fact that Barr has continued to procrastinate and fail to press any charges against James Comey and his band of Trump spies and FISA court fraudsters. The timing of Barr's Trump-bashing is perfect, as CNN's so-called "legal expert" Jeffrey Toobin recently streaked across the Internet with his exposed wee-wee. Accordingly, we could see William Barr spewing DNC / RINO propaganda on CNN in just a matter of weeks!


Joe King

Joe is an unrelenting liar and so we hired him. In case you're wondering, we hired him before the whole 'diversity' thing took hold. But don't worry. We have social justice warriors monitoring his every move on social media. One errant tweet and he's fired!