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Geriatric Joe trips over his own words, breaks hip

Just days after breaking his foot while playing with his dog, presumptive president-elect Biden was attempting to answer a softball question from a reporter. Biden tried to articulate an answer but stumbled over his words and collapsed onto the floor, breaking his hip. Adding insult to injury, the reporter had essentially fed Biden the desired DNC-approved answer.

REPORTER: Mr. President-elect, when you gracefully take office in January will you be following through on your great promise to end construction of Trump’s racist border wall? And if so, is that because the wall is indeed racist and xenophobic, as you have previously stated?

BIDEN: Uhhh. I uuhhh. Dis-confronted-nationizing would ask to uhhh... ALWAYS... ALWAYS... ALWAYS keep in mind that with the thinking that.... uhhhh... Nothing could be more racist than.... uhhh... I’ve said it... the thing... [Biden then collapsed at the podium]

Fortunately, Biden will be having quality surgery on the Trump administration’s watch, well before Biden’s own socialized medicine cripples the health care system. Any Biden surgery procedures occurring after January 20th will require a minimum 4 month wait time.


Sum Ting Wong

Sum started his career by piloting paper airplanes and pranking TV stations. Now he's a fiction writer for us here at the Atlantis Enquirer.