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Jimmy Carter now the 2024 presidential front-runner

Before 2020, it was unheard of that a geriatric in physical and cognitive decline could win the office of president. Now, it’s a prerequisite. And with the advent of voter fraud, media propaganda and Big Tech censorship, Jimmy Carter has now emerged as the clear front runner to win in 2024. This assumes that Joe Biden is losing his marbles, will soon be sh***ing his pants, and thus become incapable of completing his first term.

The latest CNN national poll has Carter beating Trump 54% to 42%.

Rasmussen polls have Donald Trump leading Mitt Romney 99.9% to 0.01% in the Republican primaries.
Rasmussen polls have Jimmy Carter leading Commie Kamala 98% to 2% in the Democrat primaries.

If he wins, Jimmy Carter will be 100 years young when he takes office in 2024.


Joe King

Joe is an unrelenting liar and so we hired him. In case you're wondering, we hired him before the whole 'diversity' thing took hold. But don't worry. We have social justice warriors monitoring his every move on social media. One errant tweet and he's fired!