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China declares Wuhan virus a roaring success!


More than a year after unleashing the Wuhan virus on the United States, the People's Republic of China is celebrating the resounding success of the endeavor. In its overreaction, the US shut down its own economy for two weeks one year and counting, at an estimated cost of 16 trillion dollars. American children were forced to skip a year of school, while Chinese kids continued to study hard.


Best of all, China was never blamed for the virus. Instead, Trump was blamed every step of the way by state-run media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, NY Times, Wash Post, etc. Attempts by opposition party media to blame China were quickly smeared as ’white supremacists peddling conspiracy theories’.


China now looks forward to its Yuan becoming the world’s reserve currency sooner than later!


In an interview with the Atlantis Enquirer, President Xi Jinping spoke proudly of his country‘s future. “We needed something to expedite the demise of the US dollar, and to give our school kids a competitive advantage. We knew that the Americans would overreact because of their mantra that one death is too many” giggled Xi Jinping.


Xi Jinping also praised the social media Corporatocracy and Democrat brownshirts who worked tirelessly to shut down and ostracize anyone who dared resist mask orders and lockdowns, despite the fact that they don’t work, and for quashing anyone who attempted to educate the public as to the effectiveness of hydroxychloriquine and zinc when taken early.


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