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Cancun Castaways: James Comey & John Durham


Last week Ted Cruz was caught vacationing in Cancun, Mexico. Well, only a week has gone by, and dubious debauchery has happened again! This time it's James Comey and John Durham who were caught ignoring lockdown orders. The two bosom buddies were seen partying it up on Dolphin Beach in Cancun, while downing Margaritas and giving each other high fives. Comey was all smiles. Although completely obscured by his overgrown facial hair, Durham was all smiles too. At one point, Comey helped comb a small rodent out of Durham's beard. Eventually the two held hands and headed back inside the resort for more drinks at the bar.


For almost two years, Durham has pretended to investigate James Comey and all of his spying on Donald Trump. Evidently, the 'investigation' has wrapped up. Nothing to see here. Move along.



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