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Drug cartels praise Biden's reopening of Southern border, promise to meet demand quickly

After 4 years of Trump enforcing immigration laws, things have finally returned to normal as Joe Biden has stopped enforcing border laws. Cartels in Mexico and Columbia have 4 years of excess inventory being rushed to meet demand. American drug addicts are breathing a sigh of relief.

Homeless heroin addict Bob McGraw rejoiced, "I gotta get my fix dog! This is why I voted for Biden and now he's following through with his promise to stop enforcing immigration laws. I would just like to thank him for thinking about the needs of Americans like me. He's inclusive."

Meanwhile, drug dealers aren't as happy because the price of all imported drugs is expected to plummet. Increased supply means lower prices. A 50 percent reduction of drug prices will require twice as much effort to earn the same amount of profit. New York city heroin dealer Nipsy "Devil's Dime" Jackson is now kicking himself for blindly refusing to vote for Trump.

"I just went along with what my TV set told me to do. It said that Trump is Hitler, so I voted for Biden" said Nipsy.


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