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Epidemic of defunding the police leads to another shooting


The Democrat's Utopian plan of dismantling police departments in order to make communities more safe has backfired. Another shooting in Orange California has left 4 dead. Police departments in blue cities across America are now pleading with Democrats to take action.


Orange County Police spokesperson, John Barnetti said "This is an epidemic, for God’s sake, and it has to stop."


In response to the shooting, Governor Gavin Newsom immediately signed an executive order which bans construction of new prisons for the next 30 years. Newsom also commuted the sentence of SCOTT PETERSON, RICHARD ALLEN DAVIS, and 20 other notorious San Quentin inmates. "Prison sentences are not absolute. Long prison sentences are actually a public health crisis for the inmates" said Newsom.


While taking a knee, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti ordered the early release of 50% of LA County jail inmates and thanked them for paying their debt to society.



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