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Atlantis Enquirer identifies as real news, therefore we are real news!

Thanks to the Biden administration, satirical media outlets that identify as ‘news’ no longer have to be stereotyped by the binary pronoun ‘satire’. From this day forth we/us shall be biologically recognized as a truth-neutral ‘news’ outlet, and in conversation we/us shall be referred to using the truth-neutral identification word ‘news’.

We/us shall be able to publish our stories without worrying about whether or not they/it will be believed in homes, restrooms, locker rooms, or school sporting events. Our readers should be able to read our truth-neutral articles knowing that he/she/they will not be fired, demoted, or mistreated simply because he/she/they believe our articles to be real.


Mx Pauly Graf, news satire editor


Pauly Graf

On his résumé, Pauly claims to be the bastardly baby of Pauly Shore and Steffi Graf. When we asked Pauly Graf to take a lie detector, he refused, and so we hired him. Yeah, we know he doesn't check the diversity box, but wait.... Pauly identifies as being black! So we're good!