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Democrats file articles to impeach Ronald Reagan

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer have charged Ronald Reagan with insurrection for his role in calling for the Berlin Wall to be torn down in violation of Soviet occupied Germany's rule of law. Reagan is also charged with abuse of power for nominating staunch conservative Antonin Scalia for the Supreme Court, and charged with obstruction of congress for winning his second term.

So far, the House appears split along party lines. All 221 Democrats say that they intend to impeach Reagan, while all 211 Republicans say that they will vote against impeachment. If the House indeed votes to impeach Reagan (via simple majority), the Senate is certain to fall short of the 2/3 vote that is required. Mitt Romney (RINO) is the lone Republican Senator who has said that he will vote to convict, adding that Reagan is "complicit in playing the German public for suckers".


Sum Ting Wong

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