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Biden to repurpose Keystone pipeline as water slide

Now that Joe Biden has killed 11,000 jobs by shutting down the Keystone pipeline, Joe is promising to replace those oil jobs with theme park gigs. In cooperation with the Six Flags theme park company, the Keystone pipeline will be repurposed as a kid's water slide that will run from Alberta Canada to Port Arthur, Texas. Now, instead of traveling by plane, train or bus, the whole family can take the water slide down to Texas for their vacation getaway.

The debate is over and the science is settled that humans are causing the planet to overheat. We must act now to stop carbon emissions. Thankfully, Canada will instead ship their oil to China where they will be adding CO2 to their atmosphere -- not ours.


The Insane Poss

IP likes to sneak onto carnival gounds late at night to rummage for food after everyone has left. He's quite the joker and he's always down for some hokus pokus. Naturally we hired him.