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MARGINALIZED: Hitler now just an average guy.

Makers of the Revoltometer have recalibrated their device to reflect the 2020 political climate. The media has branded Trump and all 73 million of his supporters as Nazis, and thus on a relative scale, the furor himself is no longer as horrific and evil as he was just 5 years ago. He’s actually in good company.

Until Donald Trump became president, nobody was as revolting as Hitler. Hitler was in a league all by himself. But now, under 2020 media standards, Hitler has become no worse than someone with whom you have political differences. If you’re against lockdowns, you’re Hitler. If you support capitalism, you’re Hitler. If you favor enforcing immigration laws, you’re Hitler. If you question global warming, you’re Hitler. If you’re a Republican, you’re Hitler.

This creates a problem for the manufacturer of a device that loses it’s purpose if it has no sensitivity. Imagine a thermometer that can’t differentiate between 70 degrees and 500 degrees. Inventor of the Revoltometer, Dr. Friedrich Ohm said that “47% of the population can’t all be the most dreadful of the dreadful. That’s why we were forced to recalibrate the Revoltometer.”

When asked what it would take now for someone to register as ‘full evil’ on the Revoltometer, thus separating themself from Hitler and 73 million Trump supporters, Dr. Ohm estimates that they would have to nuke the entire solar system.



Sum Ting WOng

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