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NFL creates safe-spaces for NFL players injured by John Gruden's words


John Gruden’s misogynistic, racist, and homophobic locker room talk was very hurtful to NFL players. 75% of the NFL’s players were immediately placed on injured reserve, while another 20% were listed as doubtful for this Sunday’s games.


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is very mindful that the players are running the league -- not him, and so on Wednesday he complied with their demands to create safe spaces for all 32 teams. Injured players will have access to play rooms complete with crayons, play-doh, coloring books, cookies, grief councillors, therapy dogs, and dart boards with pictures of Donald Trump to throw darts at. All unvaccinated players will be required to wear face masks, however no unvaccinated players were injured by Gruden’s words.


In a statement to the media, the NFL player's union said "We condemn all locker room talk outside of our own locker rooms."


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